Brutus was recently faced with a fatal condition and Wonder
Weims, a non-profit weimaraner rescue group, stepped up
in his hour of need. With your help, I would like to pay them
back, so they can continue to help dogs like Brutus.

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I regretfully announce that Brutus did not make it and peacefully passed away last night with me by his side. Brutus had under gone surgery and had been recovering in the hospital for over a week. We had high hopes of a recovery and Brutus showed signs of improvement. However, Brutus had not eaten since the surgery and collapsed on his last day and would not get up. After speaking with the Vet it was evident that Brutus was not getting better, and despite all of his fight, he was suffering. It was time to let Brutus go in peace.

This site was originally thought up and created in an effort to help pay back the rescue organization that stepped up to help my dog in his time of need. Despite the sad outcome and the loss of my best buddy, I feel grateful to have been lucky enough to

be the owner of such a great dog. I can’t thank Wonder Weims enough for their efforts in saving Brutus. Because of them, I can feel good knowing that we did all we could have done. This experience has been rough, but has really opened my eyes to the good things people are doing for animals and the humans that love them. I would like to keep this fundraiser going to help repay Wonder Weims back for all they have done. All the proceeds will be going to Wonder Weims (a non-profit weimaraner rescue). If all goes well I hope to be painting and printing t-shirts in Brutus’ memory for some time to come.

Thank you for the overwhelming donations and support. It means a lot to me.